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We've long kept watch at an Eagle Nest on Route 36. Many a drama has played out with eaglets falling 50 ft or more and being rescued. Last year part of the nest fell in a wind storm and the one Eaglet did not survive. Yesterday we went to see if the parents would rebuild. Here is my last 2022 photo.

When we arrived in near darkness, the two were posed on either side of the old forlorn nest. Here she is on a limb just above the wreckage.

And here he is, posing with a small friend.

As the light improved they flew to trees in the distance, the female calling loudly for the male, and they prepared, we thought, to start gathering sticks for the nest. And they did gather, but for an altogether different nest!

It was tucked in a tree far behind the original one and shrouded with branches, pine needles, and vines. The two busily brought nest materials and rearranged the furniture as we tried in vain to capture clear shots. We were, on the one hand, delighted to see a new nest in a strong living tree, so much safer for the eaglets to come. But on the other hand, where before we had been 150 yards away with a clear view, we were now 300 yards away with a terrible view that would only get worse as the green spring leaves emerged. Mostly, however, we were very very glad to see them!

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