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Off the hook

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

I love my hobby because it lets me off the hook. That phrase popped into my mind unexpectedly. And now, as I turn it over, I discover it’s true. I’m off the hook for a good portion of every day because I am a passionate wildlife photographer.

These are the things I don’t have to worry about:

  • What to wear I have a uniform for cold days, medium days, and hot days. I just have to make sure I have enough of each item, pants, tshirt, jacket, etc so I always have something clean to put on

  • When to go out I want to be where I’m going before first light

  • Where to go I want to go where I know there will be wildlife action

  • What to bring with me I have gear ready to grab—camera, tripod, tea, snack, mosquito repellant etc.

  • What my goal for the day is I want to bring back at least a couple of photos that I really like

While I’m out there, I have no worries at all. I drive around or I stand and watch. I admire the scenery, the sky, the mountains. I know that eventually something will fly or walk by. When I come home, I sort through my photos, edit a few.

All these many hours—up to 8 or 9—I am off the hook.

Here is what I worry about when I am NOT in the field or editing my photos in my office.

  • Responsibilities to family and friends

  • Responsibilities to my community, to the world

  • Are my dear ones healthy? Are my friends ok? Will the world survive?

My hobby keeps me sane, in a blissed-out state for most of my waking hours. How lucky am I!

Yesterday, I was standing on a dirt road watching for Short-eared Owls. A car came speeding by and kicked up dust as the sun was setting.

Another "keeper," an owl approaching with the sun shining through his wings.

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